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in the environment of their choice."
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Residential Care

North Valley Services Residential Homes  provide 24-hour services within a safe and caring environment.  These individuals will receive intense behavioral management training, medication stabilization, and independent living skill training. North Valley Services Residential Homes are part of the continuum of services available to individuals in Far Northern Regional Center’s Catchments area.

Within North Valley Services’ Residential Homes, each individual receives the opportunity to learn behavioral self-management, as well as to develop those skills necessary to function independently within the immediate environment.  Each person will have an Individual Intervention Plan that will be reflected in their Individual Program Plan (IPP) developed by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT). An Individual Services Plan (ISP) will be developed for each person that specifies objectives and identifies a continuum of development in which projected progressive steps and the developmental consequences of services will be outlined.  Ongoing reviews will be conducted to ensure appropriateness of current placement and to aid the individual in transition, as appropriate, to other community-based programs providing a greater degree of independence.

There are six indicators of meaningful services to individuals within an individual setting, which North Valley Services plan will address.

       Individualization:  Services will be based on the Individual Intervention Plan, Individual Services Plan, and the needs of each individual will dictate the services he receives.

       Intensity of Program Services:  Individualized services will be provided in a sufficiently concentrated and intense manner that will produce meaningful changes in the individual’s behavior or skill level within a 90-day placement period.

       Relevance of Program Services: There will be a clear connection between the services provided and the objectives in the Individual Intervention Plan as well as having functional value in a successful return of the individual to his or her community living environments other than the facility.

       Differentiated Program Environments: Individuals, based on their individual needs and the type of crisis (medical, psychiatric, behavioral, etc.) will participate in very individualized and sometimes genetic community activities and meetings appropriate to their needs.

       Coordinated Program Services: Services will be coordinated between out-of-facility programs, as well as, utilizing and participating in other generic community programs.

       Staff Training: Staff training will be on going, as individual needs change.  Staff will be provided relevant in-service training in which may include understanding and dealing with psychiatric issues, medical issues, and behavioral intervention.