"Providing opportunities for persons with disabilities
in the environment of their choice."
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Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services provides employment opportunities through Situational Assessments, Job Development, Job Coaching, and Individual and Group Placement Services. Training and support is provided to maximize independence, confidence, personal growth and employability in a competitive labor market. These services are custom tailored to individual abilities, interests, needs and preferences in the environment of their choice. Supports include assisting the employee with understanding the job culture, industry practices, and work behaviors expected by the employer. These supports are a critical aspect of long-term retention.


Situational Assessment

This service is a “trial work” period conducted at local businesses. North Valley Services provides 100% job coach support to make sure the job is completed accurately and safely. The purpose is to identify a person’s interests, abilities, needs and preferences. This is a time limited service up to 40 hours. North Valley Services accepts responsibility for hourly compensation, tax liability, appropriate insurance including but not limited to workers compensation insurance. Upon completion of an assessment, a written report will provide employment recommendations and suggested supports.


Job Development

This service includes building relationships with community employers to provide disability awareness education, identify job opportunities and become a resource to the community. Job development provides individualized planning and support to assist individuals in obtaining employment. Some of these services include:

Job readiness

Accommodation needs

Coordinating transportation

Benefit planning

Employer expectations

Applications / resumes

Interview skills

Personalized job search

Job carving


Group Placement

North Valley Services partners with local businesses to create employment opportunities for three supported employees and a full time job coach. Our on-site job coaches ensure accuracy, safety and skill development, providing training custom tailored to the supported employee. North Valley Services uses medical, psychological, work history and previous experiences to pre-screen all supported employees to provide meaningful work and job matches.


Individual Placement

This service assists individuals to find and retain employment, matching abilities, interests, needs and preferences. North Valley Services uses medical, psychological, work history and previous experiences to pre-screen individuals and provide meaningful employment and job satisfaction.   A one-to-one on site job coach provides training and support as needed, custom tailored to the employee and job site expectations. As the employee becomes proficient in his/her work performance, the job coach will begin to fade their level of support. North Valley Services provides ongoing follow-up services to ensure satisfaction and job retention.