"Providing opportunities for persons with disabilities
in the environment of their choice."
(530) 527-0407

Red Bluff

We love being with the individuals we serve and support their goals in life.

Individuals enter the Center to find an active vibrant program full of energy. Individuals are engaged in various activities while being assisted as needed by support staff.

Choice (or the ability for a person to advocate for themselves) is how individuals decide what activities they will participate in. This choosing of activities occurs on a daily basis and includes, sign language, safety, photography, self advocacy, community awareness activities, vocational opportunities, arts and crafts just to name a few.

Community activities occur daily with trips such as: swimming, fishing, and lunches, the Rodeo is always a favorite, visiting historical sites in the surrounding communities, or any other public event.

As with all NVS program sites, we are always working on vocational training. Individuals that might not be ready for competitive employment have the opportunity to train and work at a variety of jobs to develop the skills needed for community employment. Job safety and learning a positive work ethic are among some of the skills acquired through this training. The ultimate goal is for the person to be able to participate in community competitive employment.

To contact us call Judy Ferrell at 530-529-2100